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All Brattonsound Gunsafes are guaranteed against mechanical failure faults for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. During that time our warranty is to repair on-site* at our option, or replace at no charge a gunsafe that proves to have faulty components or workmanship.

In addition to this warranty key operated locks and other mechanical parts on all Brattonsound Gunsafes are guaranteed for a further 2 years. Please Note. Electronic Digital locks are not covered by this extended period.

Under no circumstances should the customer make any attempt to repair the gunsafe or authorise anyone else to do so without our express knowledge and approval during the warranty period as this may render the warranty null and void.

This warranty is given subject to the following provisions:

3 Year Warranty (Applies to UK Customers only)

1. That when a problem is first noticed the customer telephones us to report the fault. Do not instruct a locksmith to attend site. Brattonsound will do this if it is considered necessary.

2. That the gunsafe is installed and used in accordance with our instructions.

3. That the customer provides proof of purchase to Brattonsound Engineering Ltd if requested to do so.

4. That the customer has at least one serviceable set of keys for the gunsafe. We will not be liable if a key is damaged and the customer does not have a useable spare. If you require replacement keys or locks please contact us on the number below as unless you use genuine Brattonsound replacement parts your warranty could be invalidated.

5. This guarantee is not transferable and relates to the original purchaser only.

6. The gunsafe has not been subject to misuse or accident or been modified or repaired by any person other than an authorised employee or authorised representative of Brattonsound Engineering Ltd.

7. Brattonsound Gunsafes are built and tested to BS 7558/92 for Gun Security Cabinets and under current regulations this guarantees police acceptance in the UK. We make no guarantees of acceptance by the relevant authorities in the event of any changes in legislation, regulations or prescribed standards.

8. The “on-site” aspect of this guarantee applies only to the mainland UK and Northern Ireland, and any Islands within the United Kingdom which have a resident Master Locksmith.

9. The “on-site” aspect of this warranty and the warranty for the lock in years 2 and 3 is provided through our lock supplier, a company from whom we have purchased locks for over 16 years. If this lock supplier defaults on the arrangement with us in any way this may, at our discretion, render these aspects of the warranty null and void.

10. Brattonsound Engineering Ltd accepts no liability for any consequential loss or damage arising from the use or failure of the product or any information provided, including, but not limited to, economic or financial loss, damage to peripheral equipment or products, loss of use, productivity or time.

This warranty does not prejudice your statutory rights.

If your Brattonsound Gunsafe is out of warranty please feel free to contact us to take advantage of our excellent after sales service, in the unlikely event that you experience any kind of problem with our product.